BHWC Get Active was a challenge for all patients and staff during the month of April 2021. We kept the overall challenge simple so you can walk and run as many kilometres as possible and the person who travels the furthest wins. But we did not want anyone to miss out! If you are in a wheelchair you could take part in Ambreen’s Wheelchair Challenge or Zoom with Physio. If you are over 50, and worried about getting out, you could join Monique’s Over 50s walking group.  And we had separate competitions running for children and over 70s. There were many challenges to join to compete against others and win incentives. Some patients preferred the ones where you are just improving yourself – competing against yourself.
We started the campaign with a challenge for newbies – this was for patients who had never used STRAVA app before, we continued with Easter Monday longest walk to win a hamper and and a long walk on National Walking Day on the 7th of April. There were prizes awarded for best photography and a teen challenge. The teenagers won an Apple Ipod, a camera and a V-log stand. The highest activities were awarded with coaching sessions, aesthetics, dental whitening programmes, gym memberships and free coffees and ginger shots.

We had 838 patients and members of staff sign up to the challenges and a total of over 30 winners!

Here is some of the Feedback we received:
Thank you very much. I had fun. I went in the sea a couple of times after that and perhaps I’ll look into joining a club this summer. PB
I really enjoyed this! I remember vividly this time last year when I set out for my first run 3 months after having covid, managed just 0.5km, and what an achievement that was at the time. To take part in this challenge one year post-illness, and still dealing with the side-effects of long covid, was a real pleasure. It was so motivating and gave me true joy. I still deal with chronic muscle pain since the illness, but such is the curiosity of the mind-body connection, my ‘running’ month of April marked some improvements in symptoms, which has been another bonus. I’ve kept up running since!  Thanks again for putting the time in to organise such a nice thing. PS
I’m so glad to have won these prizes! I really enjoyed this challenge and hope more happen in the future. MW
I thought this was such an excellent initiative during lockdown! I really enjoyed being a part of it and it definitely gave me a good motivation boost to get out there and mix up my exercise regime – thank you! MD
The get active was a fantastic incentive, a really great way in applying social prescribing. Been a huge help for my MH. Thanks! BB
This was a fantastic idea! I really enjoyed it and it made me get out and Walk everyday! I’m really pleased it happened. The only downside was some people got too competitive and were getting quite aggressive etc because the leaderboards changed frequently etc. MW
I found initially I was really good at remembering to save on Strava, but forgot a few times and then didn’t quite get back into recording. However, I have maintained a minimum of 90 minutes activity a day. Shame our smart watch steps don’t all count too! FE
Really enjoyed the 4 sessions. Felt physically and mentally much better resulting in more productive days after sessions. Felt a tad sad when I didn’t receive the zoom link for yesterday’s session. ZA
A brilliant strategy which I found so motivational from a truly inspired General Practice MR
Lizzy’s Yoga was gentle enough to do and I feel very fortunate for the opportunity. JB
Thanks so much for all the motivation BHWC has given me this month; I even se think I managed a marathon length walk one day – not exactly sure how. MR
Swim with Laura. Everyone was so encouraging and kind. I don’t know about you, but I felt amazing for days after that morning! JC
Hi I’ve loved this program. Well communicated and organised and simple to take part. A brilliant initiative from a surgery encouraging the community to move more. The leader board got me out swimming or walking way more than I would have before and was excellent motivation for days I wouldn’t have otherwise exercised. Really great program. Thank you MB
BHWC is very grateful to each and every one of you who took part in the activities and we hope to continue this campaign in the near future. the campaign would not have been succesful without all your engagement. Well doen to everyone!
“Exercise not only changes your body, it changes your mind, your attitude and your mood”