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From mid-November 2021 BHWC is moving to a total triage system for almost all appointments. Triage enables your GP service to provide a balance between demand and availability considering clinical safety to prioritise and manage clinically urgent problems effectively and making sure your problem is directed to the most appropriate person/team.

Triage involves answering a series of questions by completing an online form through eConsultIf you are unable to do this yourself because you have no internet access or cannot use a computer, please phone the practice on 01273 772020 as usual and the receptionist will help you to complete a form on the phone or you can come in instead. We plan to offer the use of a computer or tablet within the practice waiting room soon.

Whilst you are completing the form, if you are advised to go to A&E or call the practice instead, please follow the advice given as the system has already identified hat your problem is more urgent and should be dealt with more quickly. eConsult has reported that it has appropriately signposted patients to seek medical advice urgently and saved lives because of their intelligent triage process.

Both clinical and administrative issues will need to be submitted through the triage system that the reception team will also be using for consistency as this will help them perform an initial triage.

You will get a response to your submission after it has been reviewed by an experienced clinician and administrative support team.

Sometimes it can be difficult to choose the right service when you are unwell or unsure. Our reception staff can guide you to the most appropriate professional or other service and are guided by the clinical team supported through various resources developed within the practice. It’s important to us that you get the right person to get the best care, so if the reception team ask for extra information this is to signpost you more effectively. Many things can be dealt with by team members other than the traditionally asking to see a doctor and can be dealt with over the phone or online instead of a standard face to face appointment. There will be availability to choose whichever option you consider appropriate and convenient to you for online bookable appointments or through the triage system. The self-help resources provided by eConsult can be useful to explore your problem further.

We offer a wide range of skilled professionals which enables improved patient healthcare access – GPs, Nurse Practitioners, Advanced Nurse Practitioners, Practice Nurses, Health Care Assistants, Pharmacists, First Contact Practitioners (Physiotherapists), Mental Health Worker, Health Promotion Practitioner, Social Prescribers.

Long-term condition reviews will be managed by the practice so patients can be seen by the most appropriate clinician. For example, diabetes reviews will be done by HCAs and the practice nurses; hypertension reviews supported by the pharmacy team. You will be reviewed at least once a year for your long-term condition and your review will scheduled usually on your birth month. The reception and administration team supports the recall system using searches and protocols developed by the clinical team.

Finally, administrative work has significantly increased since the end of the pandemic lockdown, so please bear with us if things take time as our priority is to provide clinical services foremost.


Why is the appointment system changing?
We feel that a total triage system will help the Practice to better use its resource and will ultimately see that our Patients receive the best possible care by the most appropriate department.
How do I book an appointment?
You can book an appointment by filing in a simple eConsult form online. For babies under 6 months or for those struggling, please call or visit Reception, who will be able to assist you with this.
How long will it take for someone to get back to me?
You will receive a response from the Practice within 48 working hours.
How will my eConsult be traiged?
The eConsult service has functionality to flag up any appointment requests that need more urgent attention, these will be prioritised. Our Clinicians have trained our Reception team to triage to the most appropriate resource and will be on hand to advise Reception along the way.
What if I want to see someone specific?
There is an option within the eConsult form to request a specific clinician or department.
What if I need urgent care?
Our eConsults and telephone lines will be manned every week day from 8am to 6.30pm, excluding bank holidays. If you need care outside these hours, please call NHS 111 for non-urgent care or 999 for urgent care.
When to use eConsult
  • medical advice
  • admin queries
  • prescription queries (not for ordering a prescription)
  • requests for fit notes
  • request for a face to face or telephone appointment with a GP or other clinician
  • vaccination enquiries
  • annual long term health reviews: asthma, diabetes, contraceptive and HRT

Fill out an eConsult

When to book Online
  • Blood Tests (HCA)
  • Cervical Smears (Nurse)
  • Flu jabs (HCA)
  • Child Immunisations (Nurse)

Book Online

Online access also allows you to cancel, check or change appointments, view your medical records and see test results.

Read more about eConsults here