“Let the rhyhmn of the water set your soul free”

Event: Swimming in Brighton Sea

Suitability level: beginners, moderate and advanced swimmers

Ages: 13-90

Location: East of the pier – you won’t miss us!

Date: Friday 16th April

Time: 7.30am

You can wear your swimming costume or a wetsuit.

Ideally you should have swim socks/shoes and gloves. You will not feel the cold if you have these. We may be able to lend you some.

Cold water swimming has a positive impact on physical and mental wellbeing. We are lucky to live by the sea, and in Brighton there is a large beach community of swimmers that swim all year round. Sea Swimming has become popular with people from all walks of life, all readiness levels, shapes and sizes all keen to experience benefits that are so widely talked about. Many say you get a post swim ‘high’ which is similar to antidepressants.

But the positive impact can be as much about the cold water physical effect as being about the community and the sense of belonging. Swimming groups provide each other with confidence and friendship unified by a love of being outdoors and in the water. Unlike many other outdoor activities it straddles age groups, gender and socio-economic status. You don’t need to be fit to do it, it’s free or relatively cheap and in certain circumstances you don’t really need to be able to swim – as long as you get wet it counts!

If this is something you have been interested in, here’s your chance for a free taster. Why not give it a go? We are sure you will love it!