“Everyone needs a chance to evolve”

Event: Zoom session with our physiotherapist Anbreen

Suitability level: beginners, struggling to excercise, bedbound & housebound

Ages: All ages

Location: Via Zoom

When: Mondays 11am and 3pm

Start date: Monday 12th April

This BHWC Get Active Event is designed to provide inspiration and trusted information to patients about how
to get active in and around the home. Our physiotherapist can advise you on excercises tailored to your needs. All excercises will be suitable for housbound, bedbound and chairbound patients. We know the days can be long if you are unable to get outside. We will send you a zoom link and it would be great if you have a carer with you during the first sessions but not neccessary. Anbreen may contact you in advance of the first class if needed.

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